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Why wait? - Romantic Sex When You Are Dating

Female Dating Relationship Advice: When to Get Intimate with Your Guy

By April Braswell

Why wait to share physical intimacy when you're dating, courting, and looking to create a great romantic life partner relationship?

Multiple reasons really.

I am all for go have some fun, explore, enjoy your inner vixen and let that energy just EMANATE from you. However, ladies, when you are interested in a relationship, then, YES, YOU MUST WAIT.

Men do understand that sharing physical intimacy with us has a price. The question on their dear minds is, "What is her price?" I don't mean that crassly. I mean, do you just want a casual connection but you are secretly HOPING this will turn into something more? Well, have sharing intimacy too early can CAN be a deal killer.


Some relationships have made it even WITH a quick consummation. However, if you wait, you do both of yourselves a favor. You allow the man to move from PHYSICAL ATTRACTION (bless their hearts, ladies, are YOU SUPER glad they are ATTRACTED to you? Yup! Me, too!) into exploring other levels of attraction - mental, partnership, friendship, spiritual. To have just jump quickly would be akin to Fast Food when what we all really crave is 4Stars at Tour D'Argent in Paris!

The other reason is more complicated and scientific and you will also be embarrassed. Oxytocin. Ladies. We secrete the wonderful hormone oxytocin as soon as we are even embracing or kissing a man, let alone even more. Uterine walls and breasts. Isn't God's design beautiful and marvelous? We secrete oxytocin when our babies are breast feeding. It is The Bonding Hormone. Women emotionally bond during physical intimacy. Men do NOT. This is why it is embarrassing. Even the best of us, the most well-educated, the smartest, the most beautiful, yup, whatever. We BOND during intimacy and then will obsess in some manner of the man. Man, he didn't even have to be the best out there. We start to see him with rose-tinted glasses. We all too rapidly glaze over his fault and start to rationalize staying together with him longer when maybe we should have thrown that little fish BACK into the big pond right away. But we didn't.... why? Oxytocin! If you're daydreaming about a future with him and it's been under a month or two of dating and relationship building, and you've got physical .... it's OXYTOCIN. Yup. Embarrassing. Not quite Fatal Attraction bad, but, sigh, bad.

So, cross your legs and WAIT!



When You Want to Get the Edge with Cute Guys

 Body Language: The Complete Home Study Program  



Decoding & Interpreting Body Language

Reading, decoding and interpreting body language is a science! Every action or micro-action takes place within a context and in reaction to other actions that go on around the individual. Body language has meaning that few understand and most mis-interpret. This course about body language will probably teach you more than you have ever learned!

Flirting and sexual body language is observable in a woman's body language as well as a man's in both business and personal context. Body language revealing lying is observable in both business and personal context.

Nonverbal communication is the least understood and most important facet of communication. The course from which this article is adapted, will take you through step by step so you will be understanding body language quickly and accurately.

Whether you want to learn the body language of love, dating or closing the deal, you have come to the source. The analysis I'm going to give you as part of this course combines "liking" and deception. It is fairly complex to analyze human behavior in snapshots in time. I made judgments on the relationships of these couples based solely upon these photographs and the apparent context in which they were taken.

My goal for you is to become aware of a few of the subtle nuances that you can begin picking up from now on. Instead of telling you each little nuance in a boring, clinical way, I'm going to let you have some fun and invest just a few minutes into being a body language expert with me. Welcome to this preview of the Decoding and Interpreting Body Language Interactive Home Study Course! Let's begin.

Photo 1 - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.
Arnold has a straight back, thumb up, and focus on someone in the audience. He is engaged with both his wife and fan at the same time. His smile, however, is not his normal limbic smile. It's forced as you can see by the lines between chin and cheekbone.

Maria Shriver is also engaged with someone else while completely happily in love and comfortable with her husband. That smile is a genuine limbic smile. The hand to the heart is a sign that she adores this man when the smile is in place as it is. Her body posture is leaning toward Arnold and it would be tough to do otherwise as it appears that Arnold's left hand is making sure that she is leaning into him. Nevertheless it is natural and she is brilliantly happy.This couple is happy and nothing is likely to get in their way.

body language arnold schwarzenegger
reading Body Language Photo 2 - Chelsea Clinton and Ian Klaus.
This is a very interesting picture of the former President's daughter. Again, a snapshot in time. First the boyfriend. Notice where his hands are. They aren't up in the air, they are "holding the ceiling up." Generally when a man does this kind of "Samson" gesture (holding/pushing the pillars) you can read it as an intentional show of strength (which usually actually means quite the opposite!) Next look at his eyes. They are looking right down at his....correct. What he is seeing is anybody's guess but his facial expression indicates he is pleased with it...

Chelsea is close to this young man...but not as close as you might suspect given the depth perspective of the photo. Her eyes do NOT attend to her boyfriend but something/someone else off to the side.

Photo 3 - Liz Hurley and Arun Nayur.
Look at the power Liz Hurley has here. Start with her body position. She is holding him like a man holds a woman. Her right hand cupped tight against his right side. Very masculine. In charge. Her smile is irrelevant. It is only for the audience. There is no sign of anything in the smile that leads you to believe she likes what she is looking at. It is a prefrontal cortex smile. A smooth face with a smile is a sign of polite boredom. Notice where Hurley chooses to put her hand for the photo? Not like Maria Shriver with Arnold right? Correct. Her hand goes to her hip and unconsciously gives the feelings she has deep inside for this man away. I suspect they enjoy their intimacy and little else.
sexual body language
Photo 4 - Nicky Hilton and ex-boyfriend.
What is his body posture compared to hers? Is her affection level comparable to his? Do they appear to share the same level of desired connection? Compare facial expressions. Which one appears adoring and admiring?

Notice that she gives her cigarette in the right hand far more physical attention than he does from her. She is sitting in the shade but her face squints as if she's in the sun. This is usually a sign of dislike or annoyance.

body language of nicky hilton
interpreting body language Photo 5 - Tom Arnold and Shelby Roos.
Does her face indicate she is appreciating Tom's affection?
 Does she give more attention to the handbag at the end of the arm which appears to have a dead weight attached to it than Tom? 

Her smile is a combination of the prefrontal and limbic. Only one line usually means that there is some "truth" in the smile but not joy or happiness. The young lady's rear end is far too far back there for her to be feeling intimate toward Tom who appears not to notice!

With this CD/DVD program, Kevin analyzes over 75 additional photos just like the ones above - in even more detail! You will receive 8 audio CD's, plus 3 DVD's. You will also receive a Body Language Evaluator and a handy wallet card with tips and reminders. 

Get your program today and start interpreting body language now!



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Kevin Hogan, PhD, Reading Body Language Expert, author of best-sellers, The Psychology of Persuasion and most recently, The Secret Language of Business: How to Read Anyone in 3 Seconds or Less. Dave Lakhani, author of Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want. April Braswell, Kevin Hogan, and Dave Lakhani at the Venetian. (Las Vegas)




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The Dating Doctor that rocks! Whether you are looking to connect with another human being on a deeper level or just need help in rejuvenating your current relationship, April is the spark that will ignite your passion, your self-confidence and a greater sense of sexual success. April's advice is invaluable especially when she employs her tried and tested dating on the job resulting in many individuals and couples experiencing long term happiness. Overall, April is a must see , who has given me excellent solid advice and a greater clarity in knowing how to enjoy my personal life more!

David Power
Clinical Hypnotherapist, London,UK


David Power, Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Sexuality Coach, Speed Dating, Dating Tips, Romantic Sex, dating articles


April is an amazing person...she has an incredible ability to connect with people and to make everyone she comes in contact with feel special.  

Jennifer Skinner
Wardrobe Planning Expert and Image and Style Consultant

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I just met April at a conference in Philly.  What a vivacious, self-assured, beautiful and incredible woman!!  It’s obvious how her energy and passion are part of everything in her life and that she can coach you in tapping into your own life force to show the world the beautiful person you are and attract the type of man you want.

Debra Shetzler

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Ben Mack and April Braswell together at Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp 2008 in the LUXOR, Las Vegas, NV.  "You're BRILLIANT!  It's true," Ben Mack said about April Braswell.  Dr. Ben Mack is author of Think Two Products Ahead.







April Braswell - Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach

Dating Articles  

Online Dating Tips for Guys: Where NOT to Meet for a First Date

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Online Dating Expert Advice April Braswell Internet Personals Ads Writer

Dating Relationship Expert April Braswell



April is a brilliant giver. She shares her time, information and exhubrance. Her articles are cheeky and great fun to read, even if you are not a boomer. If you are a baby boomer, she's just the resource you need to get back on your feet when it comes to romance. Whether you have lost a spouse to death or divorce, she can help you heal that wound.

Kate McKeon GenX

Kate McKeon 




April Braswell, Relationship Coach Par Excellence! I had been stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere with a man who did not love me and who did not make me happy.... April gave me the confidence to HOPE that there was someone out there who would love me and accept me for who I was. She held my hand thoughout the whole the experience, or I would never gone online....I was too skittish about the whole deal. In fact, I told her, "April, I have already met all the single men in the Metro area in my age agroup. There's no one out there for me that I am interested in!  But April's warmth, encouragement, and compassion challenged me to venture online. I did and enjoyed a number of good results. I had some good dates. This was good. But still...I had not met THE one. Then she encouraged me to try another service...and within several weeks...I was dating new men.  It was GREAT.   What a difference.  THANK YOU......I love you!!! Sonya L. 














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