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 Internet Matchmaker April Braswell on Biz Buzz Radio Chicago  

Celebrity Couples relationship expert reader

Internet Dating and Relationship Expert April Braswell In Touch Weekly

Singles Social Advice Columnist April Braswell cited in Jewish Daily Forward

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Orange County CA Singles Seminars, SoCal Single Workshops, Online Dating Class, Internet Dating Workshop,


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April is a brilliant giver. She shares her time, information and exhubrance. Her articles are cheeky and great fun to read, even if you are not a boomer. If you are a baby boomer, she's just the resource you need to get back on your feet when it comes to romance. Whether you have lost a spouse to death or divorce, she can help you heal that wound.

Online Dating Expert April Braswell recommended by Kate McKeon

Kate McKeon 



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Internet Dating Expert April Braswell w David Garfinkel 
Guru Copywriting Teacher David Garfinkel and April Braswell in Las Vegas 
Online Dating Expert Coach April Braswell w Al Duncan  
Millenial Mentor Al Duncan and April Braswell in Las Vegas 
Internet Dating Expert, April Braswell, Sabrina Peterson, Luxor, Las Vegas,  
Women's Fitness Expert, Sabrina Peterson and April Braswell in Las Vegas 
Baby Boomer Internet Dating Coach, April Braswell, Trisha Chambers, Luxor, Las Vegas  
The New Mrs. Chambers and April Braswell in Las Vegas 

Orange County Dating Expert, April Braswell, Greg Dougall, The OC  

Cougar Dating Expert, April Braswell, lunches with Los Angeles based Autism Documentary film maker, Greg Dougall, Newport Beach, CA

San Diego Dating Expert, April Braswell, w Steve Chambers  

Boomer Dating Expert, April Braswell, with Corporate Sales Training Bold Calling author, Steve Chamber, Mo's San Diego, CA

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Senior Relationship Coaching April Braswell w Influence Expert Speaker Roberto Monaco

  April Braswell and Influenceology's Roberto Monaco

Reagan Speech Writer Mark Klugman w Senior Singles Coach April Braswell

April Braswell with President Reagan's Speech Writer Mark Klugman and Scott Bell

Midlife Mature Mates Matchmaker April Braswell w Award Winning Author Liz Potter

April Braswell with Award Winning Author Liz Potter

Midlife Professional Singles Coach April Braswell w speakers Sharon and Glenn Livingston


With Marketer Consultants Sharon and Glenn Livingston


coupes expert, online dating coach, personals dating profile writer


Warning to all Internet Dating Singles: Does Your Dating Profile Suffer from the Top 10 Disaster Signs of Dreadful Dating Profiles?

"Who Else Wants to Meet Their Soul Mate Online this year in 2014?"


Or maybe you'd just like to do better online, get more responses at the dating sites while actually on more dates with quality singles? Would that be ok? Is 2014 Your Year to Find Love? If it didn't quite happen for you this past year, then don't let 2014 pass you by without making love a deliberate priority for you...

Now that March has started and the Oscars are over, let me ask you, how's your dating life? Are you interested in finding some Wonder in your Winterland this year? While the Holiday season is the time of year for singles of all ages, over 35, after 40 years old, over 50, Midlife Singles, and Senior Mature Dating singles over 55 and 60 to post a new online dating profile at the Internet Personals Ads sites, Spring Fever will be starting shortly, so it's a great time to look for love online. It's not just the gyms where membership is booming in the New Year.  Is "Get a Boyfriend, Get a Girlfriend, Find a Relationship" at the top of your things to do in 2014? Are you looking to jump start your chances at finding that lasting romantic relationship with a new Love this season now that the 2013 Holiday season has ended? Who wants to face another holiday season next year with all of your relatives asking, "So, who're you dating?" and you have no good response? Will 2014 be your year to find love at last?


Are you single and looking to ramp up your social life with online dating as part of your romantic social strategy? You'll be joining millions of singles going online to the top internet online dating sites


But There's a Problem with Posting Just Anything in Your Singles Site Profile....

What's the problem with most singles writing and posting their online dating profiles? The majority of singles, of all ages, are not themselves actually professional writers. Nor have they studied copywriting let alone the very specific skill of Online Copywriting like I have with some of the recognized top Internet Copywriters out there. The ones who aren't all dreadful and hyping.

You're Busy with Your Own Career, Right?

Because you are already busy with your own career, why not leverage a professional like you do for the care of your hair, your back, and the other major areas of your life? Working with me is like working with a Personal Trainer for your dating life. Sometimes I will exhort you, and most of the time, I will encourage you. I really DO believe there is someone for everyone. What about you and your Singles Mindset? What do you believe?

Having written hundreds of dating profiles, written numerous singles articles, and contributing to books such as “Dating for Dummies” 3rd Edition, and many articles for singles dating, I help singles of all ages like you move from just “being online” to having an engaging profile which gets responses, and better positions you to navigate the email exchange to GET to the First Date, and isn't that why you chose internet dating, to get to the First Date!


Has your online dating experience been something like this?


Your dating profile gets a lot of LOOKS. You know precisely the number of LOOKS your profile has gotten. But you get only a fraction of responses. Worse still, when you do finally get a guy emailing with you or an attractive woman responding to your emails, you two are emailing.... and then it just seems to fizzle out completely resulting in very few First Dates. What's up with that? you might be wondering.


The difference a quality dating profile that actually leverages the latest cutting edge research of Influence, Persuasion and Mate Selection means your profile stands out and gets more responses from singles. The Personal Dating Coaching you receive as part of the package means I'll coach you personally through what to include and what not to include in your email exchange so you successfully navigate the email communication minefield to get you going on more and BETTER First Dates!



Are you ready to get online and look for love using the exciting internet dating sites? Have you been online for awhile, but you just don’t seem to be finding and attracting the right kind of singles for you? April offers her internet dating profile writing and review service to empower to attract love online and get better dates.


My friend, is your profile published but not getting much response? Or you’re getting the wrong kind of response?




Internet dating profile writing isn't the same as doing all the tasks of your job. Nor is writing an online dating profile the same thing as writing a business email or business memo, now is it?


Faced with a blank page and way too many questions and sections being offered at the dating sites, they just feel stuck and dejected.


They either come up with overly long profiles that resemble their college application essays. Or, and this is even worse, you've probably already seen some like this where their dating photos feature their reflection in the bathroom mirror and the text of their profile tells you they don't know what to say so, "If you're interested, hey, hit me up." Leaving all the heavy lifting to others.


And then you're stuck with no repsonses to your profile wondering what you're doing wrong. Has your profile been posted online now for months with no real responses or where things are just going nowhere. Are you having a dreadful time online, your friends seem to manage to get a boyfriend or girlfriend and you're left wondering what you're doing wrong?


Or worse still, wondering what's wrong with you that no-one is responding to you online?

Instead, separate yourself from the sea of sameness of all the online dating profiles out there. Don't just toss your internet dating profile up online this afternoon without any advance preparation and forethought.


Instead, apply to have me write your Online Dating Profile for you. After you apply and are accepted, I'll send you an extensive Profile Writing questionnaire for you to complete. Then I'll craft a custom profile uniquely reflecting you as a real person and at your best to other singles online. Then you'll receive a 60 minute Online Dating Coaching session as part of your complete package.


You'll experience the difference at the dating sites immediately. You might even hear from singles who emailed you in the past and won't even recognize you nor realize you are someone they overlooked months ago. You'll receive more responses and better quality responses because I'll empower you with cutting edge influence and persuasion techniques which trigger more responsiveness from men and then from women.


Who Shouldn't Buy My Online Dating Profile Writing Service?

Before you decide whether my Internet Personals Ads writing service is truly for you, and the impact that could really mean in your life and your person goals this year, please let me ask you to hold judgement. When you imagine achieving and experiencing that desired Soul Mate relationship this year, it just send shivers up and down your spine, doesn't it? So just suspend judgement with me for a few minutes, OK? If you weren't interested in finding and attracting your desired love relationship at the same time with integrity in dating, you wouldn't be here at my dating site, now would you?

If you were one of those peeps who want to snag and seduce a guy today, is my site and dating expert services really for you? If you just wanted to grab a girl and maneuver her quickly into your bedroom only, why are you reading the literally hundreds of dating and relationship articles at my website? You'll be somewhere else, won't you? Exactly. If you've read this far, you want a RELATIONSHIP, right? Perhaps you even want to marry or to wed again like me, don't you?


If you're not looking for a lasting love relationship, if you don't want to find your Soul Mate, if you don't want to get married, or if you just want a casual hook up, then your application won't be accepted. These cutting edge influence and persuasion techniques proven to trigger more responses and increase your responses online are too powerful to let singles who aren't relationship motivated to just use casually. If you just want what the PUA Gurus have been promising you for years, please go work with them. I wish you all the best but this isn't for you then.


I won't tell you how to make up your mind to hire me to write your online dating profile, if you agree to weigh the benefits you're about to get against what you will lose by delaying your decision and by so doing delay love and your relationship manifestation, OK?




Seriously consider your future as if the results in your social life continue like they have been for the past 6 months.... 12 months.... 24 months....



IS that what you really want to experience? Oh my goodness, do not tell me that THAT is what you deserve because I do not believe you. What is it you really want in love? Aim for it, decide upon it, and then apply to me to write your profile and be your dating coach for the next 3 months, 6 months, and perhaps even 9 months.... so you can experience the resulting relationship you want, you desire, you crave.... and really you deserve, yes?....

"April Braswell just always overdelivers"

If you were to dig around and get one of the top 5 Internet Copywriting Experts who I have learned from and continue to work with to learn more to pass this onto you in your Online Dating Profile, then you would find that they or perhaps one of their Online Copywriting apprentices just to make it manageable and affordable for you, that they would begin pricing their writing services at a minimum of $525.00. When you start listing all of the costs and expenses of your last divorce or two and all of those thousands upon thousands of dollars of divorce attorney costs then just $525.00 doesn't seem too bad, does it? It's just so much cheaper in comparison when you think of it that way, right?


It just wouldn't be an April Braswell if I didn't overdeliver. Oh man, we have all purchased those early internet marketers products that promised you the world, the moon, and the stars for only $797 only for today, now haven't we? And then we felt ripped off and disempowered. Am I right or am I right. The custom profile writing for you would be worth at least $497.00 plus the 60 minutes of personal online dating coaching with me would be worth an additional $297.00, right? But instead, you can get it for only $100 because I want you to really succeed online even if you don't ever purchase the further implementation dating success products of coaching with me for 3 months, 6 months, or the Matchmaking services to accelorate your dating life on How to Find Your Soul Mate now and this year. I always stuff pack every product with the best content you can use, and the latest Scientific Research on Mate Selection. Why? Because I find it fascinating myself plus, you're an intelligent single, right, or you wouldn't have already subscribed to my ezine to get tips and the latest research for dating, and you wouldn't hae read this far, yes?

To your greater Dating Success,


April Braswell, CHt, CHI





Workplace Influence Author April Braswell

Was: $497 
Now Still Just $100 



  Internet Matchmaking for Women, April Braswell with Fox News O Reilly Factor Body Language Reading Expert Tonya Reiman  

April Braswell and FOX NEWs' Tonya Reiman

  college stage hypnotist Ron Stubbs with Midlife Expert Matchmaker  

April Braswell and College Stage Hypnotist Ron Stubbs

Persuasion Authort Dave Lakhani with Internet Matchmaking Coach for Business Executives April Braswell 

April Braswell and Best Selling Persuasion Book author Dave Lakhani

Small Biz Coach John Simmons with Singles Life Coach April Braswell in Las Vegas

April Braswell with John Simmons


Internet Dating & Relationship Expert, online dating coach, personals dating profile writer


"April Braswell, Relationship Coach Par Excellence! I had been stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere with a man who did not love me and who did not make me happy.... April gave me the confidence to HOPE that there was someone out there who would love me and accept me for who I was. She held my hand thoughout the whole the experience, or I would never gone online....I was too skittish about the whole deal. In fact, I told her, "April, I have already met all the single men in the Metro area in my age agroup. There's no one out there for me that I am interested in!" But April's warmth, encouragement, and compassion challenged me to venture online. I did and enjoyed a number of good results. I had some good dates. This was good. Then she encouraged me to try another service...and within several weeks...I was dating new men. It was GREAT. What a difference. THANK YOU......I love you!!!" Sonya L.


"Thank you so much for yesterday ... I have to admit being absolutely stunned at the level of your expertise as I had a completely different idea of what could be addressed and accomplished with personal coaching." Neil Dhawan, Los Angeles,



 LA's Singles Courtship Coach April Braswell w Hypnosis Queen Wendi Friesen in Las Vegas  

April Braswell and Wendi Friesen


  Internet Copywriting Guru Millionare Maker Mike Morgan, Twitter Queen Coach Deb, with Internet Matchmaking Executive Life Coach April Braswell at the LV Luxor  

April Braswell, Mike Morgan, and Deb Micek


  Internet Maven Coach Deb with Internet Matchmaking Courtships for Single Men and Women  

April Braswell and Coach Deb Micek


  Personal mATE fINDING COACH W Jenn Battaglino TINNITUS expet  

Tinnitus Expert, author, Jenn Battaglino with April Braswell


 online dating coach, personals dating profile writer


What Else Are People Saying About April Braswell, Dating Expert, Personal Dating Coach, Business Mentoring Coaching, Body Language Flirting Expert, and Christian Singles Conference Speaker?

"When I think of enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration, I think of April Braswell! April is a dynamic presenter and communicator bringing her great ideas and insights together for a memorable and impactful experience. April's expertise in the singles and relationships industry is delivered in with humor and integrity throughout. Highly recommended!"
Tom Leu, M.S., Professional College Speaker and Workshop Leader

"What a motivator. April is definitely The Obvious Expert for all your questions about personal relationships and Internet Dating! A superb personal dating coach, dynamic speaker that keeps an audience captivated with her utter charm, intelligence and wit."

Online Dating Expert April Braswell recommended by Michelle MattesonMichelle Matteson


"April is definitely the expert to go to for any one that wants to understand the nuances of dating and relationships. She is a great coach and genuinely cares about those she works with and will gently challenge you to do the things necessary for finding the happiness and love we all deserve in life. If you really want to get yourself out there and begin dating, contact April NOW!"

Internet Dating Expert Coach April Braswell recommended by Judy MunroeJudy Monroe

"April is an expert in online dating. This came through in her speaking presentation. She had great advice that really work and that will make a difference in your online dating. If you want to improve your dating life or are looking to start dating again, I highly recommend April's services." Steve Chambers Body Language Expert, UK

Steve Chambers for Online Dating Expert April Braswell


"The Dating Doctor that rocks! Whether you are looking to connect with another human being on a deeper level or just need help in rejuvenating your current relationship, April is the spark that will ignite your passion, your self-confidence and a greater sense of sexual success. April's advice is invaluable especially when she employs her tried and tested dating on the job resulting in many individuals and couples experiencing long term happiness. Overall, April is a must see , who has given me excellent solid advice and a greater clarity in knowing how to enjoy my personal life more!"

David Power for Online Dating Expert April Braswell David Power, Clinical Hypnotherapist, London,UK


"April is a brilliant giver. She shares her time, information and exhubrance. Her articles are cheeky and great fun to read, even if you are not a boomer. If you are a baby boomer, she's just the resource you need to get back on your feet when it comes to romance. Whether you have lost a spouse to death or divorce, she can help you heal that wound."

Online Dating Expert April Braswell recommended by Kate McKeonKate McKeon, Principal, Paladin Principals


Was: $497 
Now Still Just $100 



Her dating and relationship expertise, products and services include. Click on the item for the complete description and explanation:

las vegas dating expert, online dating coach  Baby Boomer Dating Resources

las vegas dating expert, online dating coach  Personal Dating and Relationship Coaching

las vegas dating expert, online dating coach  Internet Dating Profile Writer

las vegas dating expert, online dating coach  Body Language Flirting



Internet Dating Expert, April Braswell, Dave Lakhani  

April Braswell with Influence Author Dave Lakhani

Los Angeles Woman Motivational Speaker April Braswell w Deremiah CPE

April Braswell and Speaker Deremiah *CPE

Online Dating Expert April Braswell w Joel Bauer, Passion2Profit  

April Braswell with Author Joel Bauer

Internet Dating Expert April Braswell w Matt Bacak & Stephani Bunn Bacak  

Stephanie & Matt Bacak with April Braswell

On the internet dating scene since the early days in 1997, be sure to check out the new Internet Dating Sites Resource Guide.


dating expert, relationship coach, dating coach, online dating coach,




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influence persuasion experts

Dr. Kevin Hogan, Reading Body Language Expert, author of multiple best selling sales books, The Psychology of Persuasion and most recently, Science of Influence. To her right is Dave Lakhani, author of Persuasion. April Braswell, Kevin Hogan, and Dave Lakhani at the Venetian. (Las Vegas, NV)

Biggest Loser Winner, Season 2, Matt Hoover w Singles Coach for Women April Braswell

April Braswell and TV's Biggest Loser Season Two Winner, Matt Hoover in Boise

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After 40 Dating Author April Braswell w Theresa Flynnt, Venetian, Las Vegas
April Braswell met Theresa Flynt in Las Vegas @ the Venetian, successful professional Executive Business Woman in her own right, VP of Ops, of the Flynt Management Group. 



I just met April at a conference in Philly. What a vivacious, self-assured, beautiful and incredible woman!! It’s obvious how her energy and passion are part of everything in her life and that she can coach you in tapping into your own life force to show the world the beautiful person you are and attract the type of man you want.

Debra Shetzler


April is an amazing person...she has an incredible ability to connect with people and to make everyone she comes in contact with feel special.

Jennifer Skinner
Image and Style Consultant

Internet Dating Profile Expert April Braswell recommended by Jennifer Skinner


 Online Dating Expert, April Braswell, Ben Mack, Dating Coaches, Relationship Coach, Speed Dating, Dating Tips,

Ben Mack and April Braswell together at Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp 2008 in the LUXOR, Las Vegas, NV. "You're BRILLIANT! It's true," Ben Mack said about April Braswell. Dr. Ben Mack is author of Think Two Products Ahead.
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